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We are looking for more board members! Please consider joining us.
The Brooks Music Festival Association was founded in 1995. From the outset it has served to present an annual festival and to encourage the promotion, advancement and appreciation of the performing arts in Brooks and surrounding communities. We offer a variety of disciplines including Band, Strings, Piano, Choral Singing, Vocal Solos and ensembles, Choral and Solo Speech and Guitar.

  Our Festival is non-competitive. We hire qualified adjudicators who, like guest teachers in a master class setting, give positive feedback to the performers, and encourage them to be the best they can be. All performers are welcome, regardless of their ages and stages of expertise.
Brooks Music Festival
The Brooks Music Festival Association is a not-for-profit organtization that relies heavily on donations, grants and volunteers. All donations are greatly appreciated and any donation $20 and over will be given a tax receipt.

 Donations can be mailed to:

 Brooks Music Festival Association
 Box 814
 Brooks, AB
 T1R 1B7

 Donations can also be given in person at any BMFA event or concert :)
 If you would like to help volunteer during the festival please contact Joanne Dyck at 403-378-4934.
Thank you to all festival participants, volunteers, sponsors, and everyone who attended the various sessions and concerts that this years' music festival had to offer. Thank you for making this years' festival an incredible success.
Check out this incredible video called "Journey of Remembrance," by Three Sister's Trio.
 these sisters are alumni of the Brooks Music Festival. Enjoy :)
2018 Provincial Reccomendations

Class 972 Elementary School Choir Grade 4-6
Eastbrook Elementary Senior choir
Alternate: Bassano School Grade 4-6 Singing Club

Class 974 Senior High School Choir
St. Josephs Collegiate Choir
Alternate: Bassano School Jr./Sr. Singing Club

Class 702 Piano Solo -16 years and under
Luka Coetzee

Class 202 Music Composition 16 and under
Caitlyn OConnor
Alternate: Jessie Seo

Class 300 Provincial National String Solo
Luka Coetzee

Class 320 String solo String and Keyboard Sonata 1 Movement
Ine-Wilme Coetzee

Class 921 Vocal Solo Boys 12 and under
Dominik Pilgrim

Class 922 Vocal Solo Girls 12 years and under
Bailey Streifel

Class 923 Vocal Solo Boys 16 and under
Tyler Casat
Class 924 Vocal Solo Girls - 16 and under
Rhys Parks
Alternate: Riley Steifel

Class 925 Vocal Solo Senior
Kenanian Schnare

Class 932 Musical Theatre Solo Uptempo - 12 years and under
Summer Mensinger
Alternate: Carlie OConnor

Class 933 Musical Theatre Solo Ballad 16 years and under
Chelsea Phinney

Class 934 Musical Theatre Solo Uptempo 16 years and under
Rhys Parks

Class 935 Musical Theatre Solo Ballad Senior
Jessica Schnell
Class 936 Musical Theatre Solo Uptempo Senior
Kenanian Schnare

Class 937 Provincial National Musical Theatre Solo
Kenanian Schnare